Things To Consider When Redoing Your Bathroom

The bathroom is going to be one of the most desired rooms to remodel in your entire house.  The bathroom is our sanctuary where we go to relax and let the troubles of the day drift away.  For many however, trying to come up with some good bathroom ideas in cedar rapids ia is hard.  We tend to over think things and really want them to fall into a lot of different categories.  If you find yourself in this situation, here are some ideas you can take and put towards your project.

Who is going to use it?

First of all you want to determine who is going to use the bathroom.  If you are going to use it alone, then you don’t really have to make it a showpiece.  If you are going to make it a guest bathroom the same rules apply.  However, if you want to make it the place where you are going to go then put some time and effort into creating the best room possible.

bathroom ideas in cedar rapids ia

Main amenity

The next thing is to determine what is the most important or main amenity you are going to use.  Will this be the toilet, the shower, tub or vanity?  When you determine the main thing that you want to use or what is most important then you can design the rest of the room around it. 


You want to have warm and inviting colors as well.  You want the room to look larger than it actually is since you don’t want to be Closter phobic in that room.  The walls should feel warm and inviting and the lighting shouldn’t hurt your eyes.

Easy to clean

Finally, when you add in your components you want to make sure that your room is easy to clean.  You don’t want to be getting down on your hands and knees cleaning grout in a confined space.